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Mitt Romney
This webpage is designated for all supporters of Mitt Romney in the Big Sky Country of Montana.

....Ann Romney and Josh Romney are coming to Montana Feb 1 and 2.................Josh on Friday in Missoula and Ann in Helena on Saturday...............Romney Won Michigan and Wyoming and Nevada.......3 Golds and 3 Silvers.............Romney Announces Chuck Denowh as Montana Senior Advisor to his Presidential Campaign ........for up-to-date current events and status, visit Mitt Romney's Website ....... To contribute, click here ......Daily sources to visit are...... Elect Mitt Romney in 2008-blog .... Mitt Report ......... My Man Mitt and Evangelicals For Mitt. ...........Go Mitt Go!!!!!!!!

Feel free to view the initial post on 9/08/2006 for this webpage!

January 30, 2008- Did Mitt win the Conservative Vote in Florida?

Does Mitt Romney have a victory to cling to in Florida? Joshua Trevino, vice president for public policy at San Francisco’s Pacific Research Institute (and one of the founders of the conservative blog RedState), breaks down the numbers on his personal blog.

“Mitt Romney is in a bad way,” Trevino writes. “He blew through $10 million in Iowa and lost; and outspent McCain eight to one in Florida, and lost that too. But for all this, Mitt Romney is not done yet and the reason lies in the breakdown of this evening’s Florida vote.” He continues: CNN has the exit-poll numbers, and they reveal some surprising things: Romney won pro-lifers.

Romney won the mainstream religious. (Huckabee won the very religious ­ less than one-fifth of the pool.)
Romney won the Protestants.
Romney tied Huckabee with Evangelicals.
Romney won the pro-GWB voters.
Romney is the primary second choice of Giuliani voters, Thompson voters …. and McCain voters.
Romney won the immigration hard-liners.
Romney won the upper-middle class, earning between $100,000 and $200,000 annually.
Romney won the terrorism-oriented voters.
Romney won the self-identified conservatives and the self-identified very conservative.
Romney won the values-oriented voters.
Romney won the white voters.
Romney won the tax-cutting voters.

In short, Mitt Romney won the Republican Party’s idea of itself ­ and that, too, is a big deal. If you’re white, Protestant, anti-abortion, go to church on Sundays, think well of the President, want lower taxes, hate terrorists, make a good living, want to do something about immigration, and live in Florida, chances are you voted Romney. The question before Florida was whether McCain could win a closed Republican race, and now we know he can. The question now is whether he can win conservatives ­ and in Florida, he did not.

January 29, 2008- Ann Romney and Josh Romney coming to Montana.

As this will be Josh's third time to visit Montana, Ann Romney will be visiting as well. As tonights primary results in Florida were very close between Mitt and McCain, Feb 5th brings on a whole new meaning in the importance of Montana in the presidential race. It's called Super Tuesday and Montana is in the thick of it all! Montana is an important state for delegates. Montana has 25 delegates up for grab. As it seems to be a two man race coming into next week, might I shed some light on the importance of Montana's vote. As Fred Thompson has dropped out of the race, Mitt has seen alot of Fredheads shifting over especially in opposition to McCain. However, I hope to put in perspective the upcoming events. As Rudy did not gain any significant votes; Gov. Crist(who sources say was planning to endorse Rudy but polls were low for him) decided to endorse McCain at the last minute. It is expected that Rudy will endorse McCain in the coming days before Super Tuesday.........However, it's not over, here's some exiting polls from tonight. Romney won the conservative vote but 20% of independants voted. check here. I'll post more later.

January 27, 2008- Josh Romney visits Billings Montana Again.

As the primaries are ticking along, and Gov. Romney is picking up speed; the need for expansion in the campaign for Mitt Romney has steadily grown over the last year. Mitt Romney's son Josh said during Saturdays meet and greet in Billings......Read full story here.

January 25, 2008- Looking Presidential.

As some might have noticed, as time goes on, Many in the media have said that Mitt was the winner from the debate last night. Not only did they mention that he was the winner, they mentioned that he is looking more presidential each day. As the new polls shown here and here have been released recently, Mitt is gaining in places like Florida. It's the message he's taking to Washington and throughout America that seems to be resenating.

view newest video here.

January 21, 2008- What The MSM doesn't Want You to Know!

However, now that he has won 3 gold medals and 2 silver medals in the primaries, it's a good indication that he is consistently in the top tier. Read full article here.

January 15, 2008- Michigan Votes Romney-We did it!

Today marked another pivotal point in the campaign where Mitt Romney won again while trying to defend the MSM on all sides. However, now that he has won 2 gold medals and 2 silver medals in the primaries, it's a good indication that he is consistently in the top tier. Read full article here.

Romney Win In Wyoming

January 1, 2008- Huckabees downward spiral from the bizzare Press Conference.

Mitt Romney should be feeling pretty confident after yesterdays press conference by Mike Huckabee. As I watched the Press Conference. I thought it was bizarre that he pulled the negative ad because he said he was not going to run a negative campaign but then allowed the media to view it. That was definitely a parodox and hypocritical. The only reason I thought Huck tried to do this is because he doesn't have that much money and was trying to do something different and try to get the press and media to take his commercial and run with it to the point the he will get alot of press. Well that didn't work and frankly, I believe that type of bizarre press conference was the closing arguments to his own campaign. Feel free to view one of many media reviews of the conference here. Also, I 've posted a link to a yahoo report. In the report, I counted 25 negative words in the article. Feel free to view it here.

12/31/07- Happy New Year

As 2007 comes to a close, I would like to wish all a Happy New Year. As I accumulated the up-to-date endorsements for each candidate. I thought the following would be beneficial and encouraging for the upcoming year of 2008. As the Republican caucuses start this thursday Jan. 3, 2008. It will be interesting.

Check out the endorsements here.

12/25/07- Merry Christmas

From our family to yours, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. As I posted a year ago, I thought it would be appropriate to add additional details to the poem. I hope next year is even more exciting as this last year has been in regards to the POTUS with the coming primaries, and general election. Enjoy.

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house, not a child was crying, you could have heard a mouse! With holiday cheer and a future New Year, brings on needed change that is well in high gear. With Rudolph losing ground while eyeing his past to McCain resurrecting his straight talk express. With the new things each day and surprise by Huckabee, awakened a term, like clemency. Now with days that evolve and come unto us, spawns new words like “HuClemency theocraticus”. With new names that come like Ron, Tom and Fred, from off the wall lexis to those that act dead. Now with Romney on track and leading the way, receiving more votes day by day. So with Romney and Rudy to Mike and McCain, Dash away Dash away- one way train. So off to the races, and out the gate, "Who will be America’s Pick in 2008?

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and may the next year be as exciting and challenging as this last year, but in regards to Mitt; it will be a fun and enjoyable ride

12/22/07- Webcast and State of Campaign

For those of us who have been following Mitt over the last years. I wanted to take a moment and allow some reflection and self assessment of the progress that has been made for Mitt from where the journey started to where the present state of the campaign is at this time. As I have volunteered in the campaign in many ways and have stayed in contact with campaign staff and volunteers, I thought the following video was a good little review where one is able to remember each pivotal point in the campaign. Feel free to view the following video and webcast I also participated in.

12/20/07- Tancredo Bows out, Endorses Romney

Rep. Tom Tancredo (Colo.) today ended his long-shot bid for the 2008 GOP presidential nomination and threw his support to Mitt Romney. Tancredo had made tough stand on immigration the centerpiece and organizing principle of his campaign, and his endorsement of Romney could prove a powerful validator of the former governor's bona fides on the issue and silence some of Gov Romney's critics.

In The Post's most recent Iowa poll -- released last night -- 3 in 10 Iowa Republicans ranked immigration as either the first or second most important issue in deciding their vote. The war in Iraq placed second (19 percent) while terrorism/national security was third (17 percent).

Tancredo's endorsement of Romney is likely to reinforce the notion that the Iowa caucus race has become two-person affair. Former Sen. Fred Thompson (Tenn.) looks well positioned to place third; he had a strong showing in last week's Des Moines Register debate and won the endorsement of Rep. Steve King -- a hard liner on illegal immigration -- earlier this week.

As for Tancredo, he had previously announced he would not run for reelection to his 6th District House seat in Colorado, to which he was elected in 1998. Tancredo's outspoken criticism of the Bush administration and focus on the issue of illegal immigration defined his time in Congress.

All Calm in Romney Land

12/19/07- Mitt Romney is tied

A new Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll shows the former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney is now tied nationally with former New York City mayor. Mitt Romney is at 20% among Republicans nationally, just slightly ahead of former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee at 17% and Arizona Sen. John McCain at 14%... This is good progress to see at this point of the game. Huckabee has peaked and seems to be losing ground as time goes on. Wall Street Journal Poll article

12/16/07- Mitt Romney the Candiate- For New Visiters.

As our Montanans For Mitt website is picking up more traffic over the last month or so, I've felt it necessary to re-post what I said when the website was first started in sept of 2006. I do this in hopes to inform the masses in and around Montana about Mitt Romney as he might be a new name to the public. As the race is heating up and time will shortly tell in the coming months of January and February for the republican caucuses; I feel it necessary to do this as Romney has a very good showing in support and endorsements over the last year. The most recent is the endorsement of the National Review Magazine which I portrayed with a link and picture. Over time, Mitt continues to get more things accomplished and I’ve tried to keep up on all the excitment but there is so much stuff going on that it’s hard to keep up on more than one website. So in the coming months, depending that Romney does very well in the early states and providing time; Montanans For Mitt will be revamped to be more active when it goes to changing to an updated format and other supporters who are in support of Mitt will have access to add posts to the website. Also, I hope to have other areas for news and links. For those who want to join Montana’s Campaign Team for Romney. Feel free to send an email to My email is

National Review

There are many ways to support Mitt Romney at this time. Either by financial donations or time, efforts, resources, or just helping out whenever there is a call day in your area. Either way, the more that citizens do, the better resources available to help get Mitt Romney’s message out in the State of Montana and across the country. You could be hosting little parties, fundraisers, or just opening your mouth about what he has done. For those who aren’t to familiar with who he is. The following is a re-post of what I wrote in 2006 when Montanans For Mitt originated. Enjoy my first posting.

9/08/2006-***Initial Posting full posting***. I invite you to join with me in my efforts to encourage Mitt Romney (Gov. of Massachusetts) to declare his candidacy (hopefully in January of 2007) for President of the United States in 2008. The Commonwealth PAC is an organization that is prepared to support him. Feel free to read more on either website and contribute as neccessary. I feel his greatest challenge will be getting through the primaries and getting his name out there among individuals. I'm impressed by what he has done previously, presently, and his vision in the future of our country and abroad. I've seen this man in action, whether in the U.S. 2002 Winter Olympics, as Govenor of Massachusetts, as a family man, business man, man of faith, and leader; I feel he will be the best man for the job. I invite you to be active in the organizations in your own localities by signing up for emails, volunteering, contributing, sharing with others, or just showing support when he comes near your own cities.

9/08/2006-***Initial Posting full posting***.

12/14/07- Huckabee doesn't have a Theology degree.

As I think it's important to bring the best out in presidential candidates, I thinks it's important to note some inconsistencies in other candidates statements. As reported earlier, Mike Huckabee's previous statements that he has a theology degree is apparentley not true. Feel free to read an article at Huckabee has no degree in Theology. Huckabee past is surfacing.

12/06/07-Faith In America and Romney's Campaign Staff.(Kudos)

I was impressed today when I got up to watch Governor Romney's speech and about 10 Minutes into the speech, the video stream went off. I emailed a few other bloggers and was able to get some links to sites that had it. However, the other several links were of the same nature. I called the campaign headquarters and let them know about the issue on their internet website. I was referred to the internet department by one of the staff members where I was able to leave a voicemail and the issue. I did not expect a personalized call back from the internet dept. However, within 15 minutes, I recieved a phone call from them explaining the issue and confirming with me that it was fixed as well as a number of other links for Romney's speech.

I recently read an article (sorry, couldn't find the link) about Huckabee not getting a press release out on time for the Today Show when he had ample time to do so. That is supposed to come from his campaign staff. Today, it re-affirmed the type of organization/depth that Romney's Campaign has in getting out to the public. I talked to Ann Marie today about the speech and she mentioned that she was given an early press release before the speech to view Mitt's talking points. The campaign website also issued talking points before the speech. I felt it was worth mentioning in this context the depth of Romney's staff and thier manner of work and diligence in what they do. I've put together big group activities from 600+ people before and know that it takes more than just one person to get the job done right. For instance, take any website. There's more than just one person that supports and makes a website succeed, especially when one blogs on more than one site. With that being said, Romney sure does have the depth and ability to stage a national campaign. As for the speech about Faith in America, please view the video.

May God bless America and all our prayers be for the next president of the United States regardless of who's faith one belongs.

Billings Gazette

12/05/07-Romney Announces Montana Statewide Finance Steering Committee Co-Chairs

Boston, MA – Today, Governor Mitt Romney announced his Montana Finance Steering Committee Co-Chairs. Jerome Anderson, Mark Baker, Todd Capser, Mark Lewis, and State Representative Bill Nooney will assist the Governor in building grassroots support and raising the resources necessary to compete in Montana and across the nation.

"I look forward to working with these Republican leaders to raise the resources needed to continue our campaign to bring conservative change to Washington," said Governor Romney. "With their help, we will make sure voters know my optimistic vision for the future of our nation. Together, we will work to make sure Montanans live in an America with a strong economy, strong military and strong families."

"Governor Romney has the experience, vision and values to lead America forward and tackle a new generation of challenges," said Mark Baker. "He is the candidate with a tested and proven record of keeping taxes low and cutting government spending, even in the bluest of blue states. Governor Romney is the Republican candidate that can defeat the Democrats in 2008 and bring conservative change to Washington."

These Finance Steering Committee Co-Chairs join previously announced Romney for President Montana Co-Chairs Governor Tim Babcock and Secretary of State Brad Johnson.

Background On The Montana Statewide Finance Steering Committee Co-Chairs:

Jerome Anderson – Jerome Anderson is a former state legislator and is currently a partner at Anderson & Baker Law Office in Helena, Montana. Additionally, he is on the board of the Montana Petroleum Association. He and his wife, Rita, reside in Helena.

Mark Baker – Mark Baker is a partner in Anderson & Baker Law Office. He previously served on the Montana Finance Committee for Bush/Cheney 04, and was Montana State Co-Chairman for Lawyers for Bush/Cheney 2000. He and his wife, Jennifer, live in Helena and have four children.

Todd Capser – Todd Capser is a former State Director for Senator Conrad Burns. Capser also served as Executive Director of the Rocky Mountain Technology Foundation in Billings, Montana. He and his wife, Erica, live in Billings with their two children.

Mark Lewis – Mark Lewis is the President of Jet Set Sports. Previously, Mark worked for NBC and General Electric as head of their Olympic sponsorship programs. Lewis also led one of the most successful fundraising and marketing programs in Olympic history. These efforts resulted in over $1.5 billion of revenue generation and culminated in the successful conclusion of the 2002 Olympic Winter Games in Salt Lake City, Utah. Mark is married to the former Dawn Allinger, a 1996 Olympian in the sport of Team Handball, and they live in Bozeman, Montana.

Bill Nooney – State Representative Bill Nooney is a third generation Missoulian and represents the people of House District 100. He began his professional career in 1978 with Hi-Noon Petroleum, a family-owned company based in Missoula, Montana. During his 26-year tenure with the company, he served as vice president of Hi-Noon and its related companies. He currently serves on the board of directors of The Montana Petroleum Marketers Association, the Board of the Northern Rockies Wildfire Contractors Association, Hi-Noon Petroleum and Noon's Food Stores. He and his wife have 5 children and reside in Missoula.

12/04/07-God's Chosen candidate???

Over the last 2 years, I've enjoyed keeping my eye on Mitt Romney and his progress in pursuing the Presidency for POTUS. As it's just under one month before the first republican caucuses in Iowa, NH, an SC; it's getting more exciting each and everyday. With polls shifting regularly, it kind of puts a sour taste in one's mouth when Mike Huckabee refers to media questions about his surge refering indirectly that he's the chosen one among the conservative candidates out there representing God. As for those who suppport Mitt Romney, does that mean that Mitt Romney is not God's chosen one? What is important, however, is that a candiate is faith based. Left-wing media are giving lots of free media exposure to Huckabee though. If Mitt Romney was to use something like this, it would destroy his campaign to no end with the media. Anyhow, Mitt announced that he is going to address the Religion issue on thursday 12/6/07 at the Bush Sr. Presidential Library for anyone interested. I'm kind of interested to see what he'll say. Can there be any breaking news to come from it? I don't think so, but am I still going to watch? Absolutely!

Feel free to visit these links:
Meet the Huckster???
Club for growth on Mike Huckabee
Huckabee released 1 felony every 5 days.
Race for 2008.

12/02/07-Romney Ready to Address Religion: At Bush Library.

Mitt Romney is ready to talk about his religion on Thursday. Romney's address will be called "Faith in America", his campaign announced this evening.

Now, just one month from the first contest of the 2008 presidential election campaign, with Romney's apparent advantage in first heating up, Romney plans to address the issue that is troubling many of the Republican Party's most staunch conservative, religious voters. His Mormon Religion.

Romney's plans to address the issue on religion that will be the cause for gossip of its own: In College Station, Texas at the George H.W. Bush Presidential Library with an introduction promised by the 41st president. The former president's son, Jeb, already has steered most of his closest advisers, strategists and supporters to Romney's campaign, while President Bush has remained neutral in his party's nominating contest at this point.

Per campaign releases and statements, no endorsement should be read into the location. But the mere stage for Thursday's speech by Romney, confronting a question that could be central to his bid for the GOP's presidential nomination, is important to note at the least.

With polls showing that one in four of all likely Republican voters consider themselves Christian conservatives, not all are on board with the Romney camp, so this will be a good opportunity for Romney to try to top Kennedy's speech on Religion. In that regards then, Romney will have to be inventive, innovative and a target for open game about his religion.

This week's speech could be yet another opportunity for the general public get to know Mitt as a citizen, businessman, cooperate CEO, man of faith, husband, father, and next President of the United States of the America.

Romney spokesman Eric Ferhnstrom said this evening, "In thinking about a venue for this speech, we reached out to former President Bush’s office last week, and he graciously agreed to host the event at the Bush Library.

"Former President Bush will introduce Governor Romney. That, however, should not be construed as an endorsement of his candidacy,'' Ferhnrstrom said. "Gov. Romney previously spoke at the Bush Library on April 10, 2007 on the subject of strengthening the military.''

To donate to Mitt Romney's Campaign, please visit

11/22/07- Happy Thanksgiving!

As today is Thanksgiving and all, I wanted to take this opportunity to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and hope that all are fine and well with family, friends and loved ones. As one who has lived out of the country on foreign soil, I've experienced the greatness of our country, The United States of America. From the freedoms we share, to the rights we possess, we as citizens have many things to be greatful for. For our military who protects our freedoms and lands to the individual ways we all worship; our country is by far the best in the world. We have alot to be greatful for in this world and our lives.

The following are but a few things I'm greatful for:

I'm appreciative of those whom take the initiative to be part of the Extended Arms Forces and Military that protect our country and help keep our nation safe and secure. For those who put thier own lives on the line for our sake; thier service to our country and freedoms mean alot to us. I personally have a double cousin and other extended family who are in the military and our hearts go out to them this time of year.

I give thanks to my family and friends who have been so supportive and encouraging in thier time and efforts on my behalf in trying to support Mitt as the best candidate for president.

I'm greatful for the many people with whom I've come into contact with while being involved with this website. For Mike Laub, who has been a big motivator of mine in Illinois with his archiving and keeping me involved in the campaign blogs. His ongoing followup and research is inspiring to anyone. From other bloggers, Justin Hart, Justin Talbot, Vic Lundquist, Jason Bonham, Ann Marie Curling, who continue to keep me informed daily. I'm also greatful for all those who email me personally and give feedback here in Montana and links. I just wish I was more active. .

I'm also greatful to my Savior Jesus Christ who has carried me this far in life. From highs and lows, I continue to learn more on how to become more like him with the many opportunities I've been given in life. I don't know where I'd be without him.

I'm greatful to be able to do what I can to help and support Mitt Romney to become the next President of the United States of America. As I believe Mitt is the best candidate out there, I believe he can inspire the country and world. Not only by who he is as a father, husband, leader, business man, public servant, and govenor but by the many values he possesses as a man of faith, family values, and entegrity. May God continue to bless America!

10/30/07- Romney Leads in all 3 Early primary States.

The American Research Group released new surveys of the presidential races in Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina.

Among Republicans:

Iowa: Romney 27%, Huckabee 19%, Giuliani 16%, McCain 14% New Hampshire: Romney 30%, Giuliani 23%, McCain 17% South Carolina: Romney 29%, Giuliani 23%, McCain 13%, Thompson 10% Analysis: “Mike Huckabee is in second place in Iowa. Rudy Giuliani is in second place in New Hampshire and South Carolina. Fred Thompson has dropped 8 percentage points in Iowa since September. Romney leads among men in all three states, and he leads among women in Iowa and South Carolina. Romney is tied with Rudy Giuliani among women in New Hampshire.”

Check out an article about it here.

10/29/07- Romney scores big Endorsement From Jedd Gregg, Senior Senator From New Hampshire.

Romney scores a big endorsement from the senior senator from New Hampshire, Jedd Gregg today. As it has been a good year in the Romney neck of the woods, the Patriots, Red Soxs, and Romney hasvecome out on top at this point. As this is another noteworthy endorsement, check out what others on websites have to say about it.

The Politico’s Jonathan Martin: “Gregg – whose father was governor and whose last name retains considerable cache – is the prize get in New Hampshire for any GOP presidential hopeful.” (Jonathan Martin, “Gregg To Endorse Romney,” The Politico, 10/29/07)

The New York Times’ Michael Luo: “Mitt Romney has landed a big endorsement in the Granite State. … So this was a big ‘get’ for Mr. Romney, who is leading in the polls in this early primary state.” (Michael Luo, “Gregg To Endorse Romney In N.H.,” The New York Times’ “The Caucus,” 10/29/07)

The Hill’s Klaus Marre: “Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney (R) scored a major win Monday with the endorsement of Sen. Judd Gregg (R-N.H.). The backing of New Hampshire’s senior senator should provide a boost to Romney, who already leads in the key early primary state.” (Klaus Marre, “Romney Scores Big Win With Gregg Endorsement,” The Hill, 10/29/07)

The Boston Globe’s Foon Rhee: “Mitt Romney will have a big name by his side today at a rally before he officially files for the New Hampshire primary. US Senator Judd Gregg, who is in his third term representing the Granite State, is endorsing Romney, his campaign announced this morning.” (Foon Rhee, “Gregg Backs Romney,” The Boston Globe’s “Political Intelligence,” 10/29/07)

ABC News’ Matt Stuart: “The endorsement is a boost for Romney’s New Hampshire chances, as the state’s junior senator, Republican John Sununu, has said he will remain neutral through the primary season.” (Matt Stuart, “Romney Wins Key N.H. Endorsement,” ABC News, 10/29/07)

MSNBC’s Erin McPike: “On the morning of his filing in New Hampshire, Romney got a nice boost to his Granite State campaign. Senior Sen. Judd Gregg (R) endorsed Romney and will join him in Concord for his presidential filing.” (Erin McPike, “NH Senator Endorses Romney,” MSNBC’s First Read, 10/29/07)

Wall Street Journal’s Susan Davis: “This is good news for Romney and comes on the heels of the latest University of Iowa Hawkeye poll released this morning that shows Romney as the clear favorite in Iowa, with nearly three times as much support as any other Republican candidate in the field in the state among likely caucus goers.” (Susan Davis, “Judd To Endorse Romney,” Wall Street Journal’s “Washington Wire,” 10/29/07)

Townhall’s Hugh Hewitt: “This is a very big deal for the Romney campaign. … Senator Gregg’s endorsement is the most sought-after in the Granite State, and it adds to the sense of momentum that Romney has built there.” (Hugh Hewitt, “New Hampshire Senator Judd Gregg Endorses Romney,” Townhall, 10/29/07)

CNN’s Mark Preston: “Gregg’s decision to back Romney is a major boost for the Massachusetts governor…” (Mark Preston, “Senior New Hampshire Senator To Back Romney,” CNN, 10/29/07)

The Washington Post’s Michael Shear: “Do endorsements matter? Mitt Romney is about to pick up a key vote of support that could help answer that question. Later today, Romney will receive the endorsement of New Hampshire Sen. Judd Gregg in Concord, according to the campaign.” (Michael Shear, “N.H.’s Gregg For Romney,” The Washington Post’s “The Trail,” 10/29/07)

The Atlantic’s Marc Ambinder: “It’s tough to say that any endorsement carries votes these days, but Gregg’s ability to validate Romney’s competence and economic message, as well as his freedom to act as a surrogate for Romney at events should not be underrated.” (Marc Ambinder, “Breaking: Sen. Judd Gregg To Endorse Romney,” The Atlantic, 10/29/07)

Real Clear Politics’ Reid Wilson: “Sen. Judd Gregg, dean of the New Hampshire congressional delegation, will endorse Mitt Romney today at the state capitol, the Union Leader reports this morning.” (Reid Wilson, “Gregg Endorses,” Real Clear Politics, 10/29/07)

Arizona Republic’s Dan Nowicki: “Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney today announced the endorsement of one of New Hampshire’s Republican senators, Judd Gregg. As far as Granite State endorsements go, this one is pretty big.” (Dan Nowicki, “Romney Wins Key New Hampshire Endorsement,” Arizona Republic’s “McCain Central,” 10/29/07)

10/28/07- Romney son pitches father to GOP in Billings.

Josh Romney visited Saturday night in Billings and received a warm laughter from about 100 Republican supporters in appreciation of his comments on his father's vision for America. Romney spoke at the Republican Octoberfest, an annual event hosted by the Yellowstone County Republican Women and Pachyderm Club. The campaign contacted the local GOP about having Romney speak. Read the full article at the Billings Gazette Article.

10/25/07- Romney For President Announces Montana Senior Adviser-Chuck Denowh.

Please join with me in welcoming Chuck Denowh to be the Senior Adviser of the Montana Romney For President Team. The Following is a press release from the campaign headquarters on the issue.

Boston, MA – Today, Governor Mitt Romney announced that Chuck Denowh will serve as Senior Adviser of the Montana Romney for President team. Denowh is a Montana native and has been working in Republican politics in the state since 2000. He will play a critical role in continuing to build a strong grassroots organization for Governor Romney in the state.

"Chuck has a long record of working to promote conservative principles in the state of Montana. He understands the need for Republicans to act like Republicans and unite to bring conservative change to Washington," said Governor Romney. "I look forward to working with Chuck to make sure Montanans know I will work to strengthen our military, our economy, and our families."

"Governor Romney has shown strong leadership on the issues that are important to Montanans. As Governor, he fought to lower taxes, cut government spending, reform health care, and enforce immigration laws," said Denowh. "As President, he will bring that same energy and experience to Washington to turn around our government and make it work for the people of Montana, and the rest of the country."

Chuck joins previously announced Romney for President Montana Co-Chairs Former Governor Tim Babcock and Secretary of State Brad Johnson as a part of Governor Romney's Montana team.

Background On Chuck Denowh:

Chuck Denowh Most Recently Served As The Executive Director Of The Montana Republican Party. In four years time under Denowh's leadership, the Party grew from three employees to twenty and fundraising nearly tripled. He also implemented Montana's first party-based grassroots organization with offices in seven counties serving over 1,000 volunteers statewide. Following the 2006 election, Chuck left the Republican Party to start his own political consulting business and he joined the Montana Group in mid-2007.

Denowh began his political career on the staff of the Montana House of Representatives, where he worked as Chief Policy Aide for the House Majority Leaders in 2001 and 2003. Denowh earned his BA and MPA from the University of Montana. He's a Montana native from Sidney, where his family maintains a registered Angus cattle operation.

10/19/07- Sam Brownback Dropping out??

If my sources are correct, Sam Brownback will be dropping out of the Presidential horse race today in Kansas. Even though he showed up for a scheduled book signing this morning at the Values Voter Summit in Washington, he dismissed questions from reporters inquiring about his future intentions. Even though he is planning to drop out of the presidential sweepstakes in Kansas today, Senator Sam Brownback still showed up for a scheduled book signing this morning at the Values Voter Summit in Washington. He has scheduled a press conference in Topeka for late this afternoon. Sam Brownback is still planned to speak at the conference today but then will be catching a flight back to Kansas. Now we'll see what unfolds.

10/18/07- Romney Scores More Key Endorsements.

The The Brody File has learned that Dr. Don Wilton, Senior Pastor At The First Baptist mega Church Of Spartanburg, South Carolina and former President of the South Carolina Baptist Convention has endorsed Mitt Romney. The Romney campaign will release this on Friday morning but read it here on The Brody File first: Here’s Dr. Wilton’s quote:

“I am proud to stand alongside Governor Romney as he pursues our nation’s highest office. His values are my values - protecting the sanctity of human life, defending marriage and strengthening the family. We need someone in Washington who will stand up for traditional families and Governor Romney is that person,” said Dr. Wilton. “While we may not agree on theology, Governor Romney and I agree that this election is about our country heading in the right direction. Governor Romney is the best candidate to stand for conservative values in Washington.”

The key line above is where he says, “His values are my values”. That’s the money line that some Evangelical leaders seem to be embracing when it comes to Romney.

The Romney campaign has to be doing cartwheels over all these Evangelical endorsements this week. This one in South Carolina is significant because the Mormon factor is more at work down there. Romney is in a dogfight down there. He wasn’t polling terribly well in very Evangelical South Carolina earlier in the year but he has come on quite a bit. An endorsement like this could go a long way.

******As you know, Governor Mitt Romney has emerged as the obvious choice for conservative evangelical voters -- even though we have different theologies, we have identical stances on social issues.

This week, the Family Research Council and the Alliance Defense Fund are hosting a big evangelical conference in Washington, DC. Every Presidential candidate will be speaking and political reporters will be tuned in for the results of the Presidential Straw Poll.

"Evangelicals for Mitt" will be there. Interestingly, we just learned that donors of the Family Research Council can vote in this straw poll, even if not present.

So, I'm asking you to:

1. Go on-line to
2. Once there, click on the large banner that says "Participate in the 2008 American Values Straw Poll."
3. If you are not already a member of FRC Action, you can join by submitting an annual donation of any amount (minimum: $1.00). After joining, you will be taken directly to your on-line straw poll ballot where you can vote for Governor Romney.

Again, this will take just a few clicks and a $1 to send a message. The "religious right" needs to rally behind one, pro-life candidate: Gov. Romney!

10/10/07- Romney and Giuliani face off on economy and taxes.

Mitt Romney looked comfortable last night at the 6th republican debate that took place in Dearborn, Michigan. From facing off with Rudy about the economy and taxes while he was governor to poking fun with Fred Thompson about his "Law and Order" career appearing at the end. Mitt addressed issues again like health care, taxes, economy, and mentioned he was the most qualified one at the debate when it comes to the economy and business from his past ventures in coorporate America. The debate was aired on MSNBC and lasted two hours. As McCain mentioned that he would take immediate action if a war was needed, others said they would go to congress to get it's approval. When it comes to protecting the United States, McCain was firm in his stance stating that it's the very reason he would take the oath to protect the country from any kind of terrorist activity, securing the borders and making the U.S. a better place for generations to come. One of many applauses arose when Romney made a big statement about supporting a republican canidate that supported the principles of Ronald Reagan with a strong military, economy and family values. On another point, Romney stated that Rudy took the line item veto all the way to the Supreme Court and took it away from the President of the United States while Romney exercized the line item veto 844 times as Governor. All in all, it appeared from the media sources that Fred Thompson's debut was not as glorious as all thought it would while Mitt and Rudy made the high points of the night sparring on taxes, economy and the line item veto.

For additional resources to the debate and Romney links, visit the following websites.
Mitt Report
Americans For Mitt
Elect Mitt Romney in O8
Evangelicals For Mitt

10/08/07-Michigan Republican Debate! Tomorrow! 10/09/07 on CNBC.

Former Lieutenant Governor of Michigan Connie Binsfeld Endorses Governor Mitt Romney

The Michigan Republican Debate is going to be held in Dearborn MI October 09, 2007. The debate will be airing on CNBC from 4pm until 6pm Eastern Daylight Time. We from Montana will be watching Mitt along the way. In addition to the debate in Michigan, Former Lieutenant governor of Michigan Connie Binsfeld and Husband endorsed Romney today in anticipation for the debate.

The following is the article:

Boston, MA – Today, former Michigan Lieutenant Governor Connie Binsfeld, announced her endorsement of Governor Mitt Romney. Joining her in making today's endorsement is her husband, John Binsfeld.

"Governor Romney is the leader our country needs," said Lt. Governor Binsfeld. "He is committed to strengthening our economy and adding jobs to the workforce, critical issues for the people of Michigan. Additionally, Governor Romney has a proven record on the issues facing our nation. He'll keep taxes low, cut government spending, and reform healthcare. With Governor Romney, Americans know they have an exceptional leader with a proven record of results."

Governor Romney added, "I am honored to have the support of former Lt. Governor Binsfeld and her husband, John. She is a leader who understands that those elected to public service must act with the highest ethical standards. She shares my passion for strong families, creating jobs, and keeping more money in the pockets of hardworking families. I look forward to joining them on the campaign trail in Michigan."

Governor Romney has the support of more Republican elected and grassroots officials in Michigan than any other Republican presidential candidate. Having grown up in Michigan, he has a unique understanding of the issues facing those living in the state. His proven record of leadership demonstrates that he is the candidate who can best solve the challenges facing our nation.

Background On Lieutenant Governor Connie Binsfeld:

Connie Binsfeld Served As Lt. Governor Under John Engler From 1991 Until 1999. She is the only female in Michigan history to hold a leadership position in the House, Senate, and the Executive Office. As Lt. Governor, she focused on both child and domestic abuse. Binsfeld served in the State House of Representatives from 1974 until 1982, when she then was elected to the State Senate and served two terms. Former Lt. Governor Connie Binsfeld and her husband, John, currently reside in Burdickville, Michigan.

10/03/07-Ann Romney's Website, New to public!

Let's take a moment to get to know Ann Romney a bit more. The following is a little about the website and how Ann would like to structure it in regards to her family and husband as he is running for President of the United States. Enjoy.

Ann states:

ANNROMNEY.COM is the location for information about our family and my efforts on the campaign trail. On the new site, I will provide an insider, behind-the-scenes view of the campaign. I hope this site will be a forum to not only share ideas and information, but also to share opportunities for getting involved with the campaign.

In the Causes section, I talk about something very close to me. I hope the story of my struggle with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) will bring awareness to the disease and help others who are struggling with MS, particularly those who are newly-diagnosed.

On AnnTV, you can view my recent speeches and media appearances. It’s wonderful how modern technology allows us to share our experiences on the campaign trail with people from across the country.

I love to cook and will be sharing some of my favorite recipes on the site. I’ve started with my grandmother’s Welsh Skillet Cake recipe and invite each of you to submit some of the favorites from your kitchen.

There’s much more to see, including photos and news. Just go to and take a look for yourself.

Campaigning for Mitt has been an extraordinary experience not only for me, but for our entire family. I’m convinced that Mitt will become the Republican nominee for President and then go on to win in November. We’d appreciate your help in making that a reality.

6/21/07-Governor Mitt Romney Announces His Montana Leadership Team

Thursday, Jun 21, 2007
CONTACT: Romney Press Shop (857) 288-6390

Boston, MA – Today, Governor Mitt Romney named former Governor Tim Babcock as Honorary Chair for the Montana Romney for President Campaign. Governor Babcock will be joined by Montana Secretary of State Brad Johnson, who will serve as the State Romney for President Chair. These two Republican leaders will help build the campaign's Montana organization and strengthen the grassroots support for Governor Romney in the state.

With today's announcement, Governor Romney said, "Governor Babcock and Secretary of State Johnson are dedicated champions of Republican principles in Montana. They understand the importance of having someone from outside the Washington Beltway lead our nation. With their leadership, we will make sure our nation continues to have the strongest military, the strongest economy, and the strongest families in the world."

Honorary State Chairman Governor Tim Babcock added, "As a former Governor, I understand the unique challenges that come with leading a state. Governor Romney has displayed the kind of leadership our country needs as we face a new generation of challenges. He inherited a budget gap of nearly $3 billion when he took office and turned that into a $1 billion surplus without raising taxes or borrowing money. He understands how to solve tough problems and will provide the leadership we need in Washington."

Joining Governor Babcock, Secretary of State Brad Johnson said, "Governor Romney has the right values and priorities for voters not only in Montana, but across the country. He has a lifetime of real world experience and he understands our families want lower taxes, a strong national defense, and the best opportunities for our children. With Governor Romney's proven leadership, our nation will remain the strongest in the world."

Background On The Montana Romney For President Leadership Team:

Former Governor Tim Babcock – Honorary Chairman: Governor Babcock served the people of Montana as Governor from 1962 to 1969. During his time in office, Babcock was a proud supporter of family values and fiscal responsibility. His history of civil service extends beyond his time as Governor. Prior to his terms in the State House, he served Montana in the state legislature. Babcock has remained active in politics by serving as Montana's representative to the Republican National Committee.

Secretary of State Brad Johnson – Chairman: Secretary of State Johnson has served Montana as Secretary of State since January 2005. He has been involved in politics ever since his youth, when he was active in the Teenage Republicans and the College Republicans. In Montana, Johnson has served as district representative for Montana's former Congressman Ron Marlenee and was re-appointed to a position on the Montana Republican Party's executive board in 2003. Before running for office, he owned an auto parts store in Bozeman and previously worked for RightNow Technologies. In addition, Johnson has strong ties to the agricultural community. He has a master's degree in agriculture and has worked with the American Quarter Horse Association and the American Simmental Association.

6/9/2007-Mitt Romney coming to Montana June 22

IR State Bureau - 06/05/07

HELENA — Presidential candidate Mitt Romney will speak to Montana Republicans at their state convention in Helena June 22.

Romney, a former Massachusetts governor, will speak at the breakfast at 8 a.m. at Red Lion Colonial Hotel.

“Attracting a top presidential contender is a great thing for Montana,” said convention organizer Jake Eaton. “Governor Romney’s attendance at our convention speaks to the growing importance of Western issues on the national stage.”

With only three electoral votes and one of the latest presidential primaries in the nation, Montana rarely attracts major presidential candidates.

Convention delegates will receive tickets to attend the Romney speech and breakfast as part of their registration fee. Members of the public are welcome, with tickets for breakfast and the speech costing $50 apiece.

The keynote speaker at the convention dinner June 22 is Dick Wadhams, chairman of the Colorado Republican Party. Wadhams managed the successful 1994 campaign of former U.S. Sen. Conrad Burns, R-Mont., and was a consultant on Burns’ 2000 re-election victory over now-Gov. Brian Schweitzer.

Other speakers are U.S. Rep. Denny Rehberg, R-Mont., the state’s senior Republican elected official, who will address delegates at breakfast June 23, and Secretary of State Brad Johnson, who will speak at the lunch session on June 22.

Delegates to the convention, which runs from convention runs June 21-23, will elect the party’s top leaders. Current Chairman Karl Ohs isn’t seeking re-election. So far, the only announced candidate for the post is Erik Iverson of Missoula, who is Rehberg’s chief of staff.

The convention also will provide training sessions for candidates and grass-roots leaders.

Those interested in attending the convention may contact the state party at (406) 442-6469 or visit the party’s Web site at:

2/18/2007-ABC News Interview with Mitt and Ann Romney

ABC News "This Week" interview with Mitt and his wife. For those horseback riders here in Montana, we have something else in common with Ann Romney.

1/31/2007 Bopp Another Conservative!

The pre-loaded Romney Runnin Campaign has landed another pro-life verifier. A key endorsement of RNC member James Bopp, Jr., who is known for the long-time counsel for National Right to Life and other social consevative groups in the United States. Bopp has argued four times before the Supreme Court on issues facing the family in society and is well known for this conservative activism and outgoing attitude. He will be Romney's "Special Adviser on Life Issues." His endorsement speaks for itself in the conservative credentials of Mitt. Bopp spearheaded a resolution at the recent RNC winter meeting designed to poke Sen. John McCain in the eye: it repudiated his signature campaign finance legislation.

1/30/2007 Romney Has Turned the Corner!

Apparently, the Christian Broadcasting Network thinks Mitt's religion has taken a new turn and has turned the corner regarding the religious test for conservatives. Although that is not over however, a new corner has been turned. Feel free to read the linked article above.

1/29/2007 On the road Again!

As time is moving on, Mitt Romney's presence is moving forward with key endorsements and speeches with lots of miles in between. He has been traveling to South Carolina, Iowa, New Hampshire, and everywhere between while key endorsements are surfacing one by one. As they say, by the small and individual steps does the long and crazy journey become a reality. Amazingly, his momentum continues to move forward as he is invited to speak at national conferences, on national television and media networks as well as attract media attention everywhere he goes.

1/27/2007 MR08' Will Anounce More

I must have missed this but Romney announced some 16 names of supporters that have endorsed him. You can check it out here. And early next week, on Monday and Tuesday, January 29-30, Governor Mitt Romney and his son, Tagg Romney, will travel to South Carolina. Governor Romney will deliver the Keynote Address at the Aiken Rotary Club in Aiken, SC. The Romneys will travel South Carolina and then hold a press conference to announce more key endorsements from leaders in that area.

1/26/2007 John McCain, Mitt Romney, Rudy Giuliani Top GOP

I know this is a little late but it needed to be added. CBS some weeks back posted on their website that John McCain, Mitt Romney, and Rudy Giuliani ARE the heavyweights in the GOP field going into 2007.

Recently, in a joust to all three in one shot, the Majic City Morning Star took a shot at all 3. Talk about efficiency, 3 birds hit in one shot! In Montana, that's called "Shotgunin". Anyhow, it's kind of interesting how somehow the article put a laso around all three as liberals. You'll have to check it out for yourself.

In other news, in one GOP Straw Poll, MR08'(Romney) lead with over 12,000 votes in, the latest GOP Bloggers 2008 Straw Poll of GOP contenders shows Romney as both the number one 'first choice' of bloggers and blog readers and the 'most acceptable candidate.' As it is still early to really make assumptions, it does show that there is interest online from bloggers and readers in favor of him. However, in other polls, he trails in a close third at Pajamasmedia Straw Poll 2008.

For future note: On Monday Jan. 29 2007, The National Review will issue an article entitled, "Join the Club: Mitt Romney and Pro-Life Conversion" by Kate O'Beirne. I'll try to add a link (if I don't forget) to it when it comes. Until then, here's a sentence or two to chap your lips.

"Romney has been stating his abortion position with the conviction of a convert, in terms that can appeal to a broad audience. Many social conservatives are persuaded that his conversion is genuine."
1/24/2007 A Look at Mitt

This is an article that takes a look at Mitt and his ability to communicate as a national leader which while taking a look at his abilities and potential. The following is an excerpt taken from the Riehl World View.

"While too early for me to come out for a particular Republican Presidential candidate, my instincts have been piquing my interest in Mitt Romney, so I wanted to set time aside to review an Instapundit podcast featuring Romney. Additionally, other materials recently came bloggers way via the Romney team. I looked them over, too.

Like many on the Right, I sincerely believe that when basically conservative and some libertarian principles and political ideas are communicated effectively to the American people, they win the day. I'd apply the same reasoning to at least a portion of why our effort in Iraq has suffered in terms of its support from the American people. Consequently, a candidate who understands communication and is effective at it is a significant part of how I intend to finally make the choice of which candidate to support."

Hoekstra Joins Team Mitt

The following News Release was issued today.

"Boston, MA - Today, Governor Mitt Romney announced that U.S. Representative Pete Hoekstra (R-MI), the top Republican on the House Intelligence Committee, will be joining the Romney for President Exploratory Committee. Representative Hoekstra will serve as Governor Romney's adviser on all matters pertaining to U.S. intelligence.

Governor Romney also named Representative Hoekstra as a Co-Chair of his Michigan state organization helping to organize areas of Western Michigan."

The rest of the article can be found at his Exploratory Committee website if interested.
1/23/2007 Hastert endorses Romney
Add another one to the "Romney Run" of supporters.

Former US House Speaker Dennis Hastert, of Illinois announced his support for former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, a continued sign that Romney is building credibility in Washington.
Hastert is probably the most prominent current member of Congress to announce his support for Romney

Mitt Romney's great trek

A large bias against a Mormon for president is the next barrier to fall in US politics.

The Christian Science Monitor's View-Click Here for the link.

Here's part of it.
At first, it sounds like a bad joke: What if a woman, a black, and a Mormon ran for president? Yet with Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and Mitt Romney running for the White House, this welcome burst of diversity in US presidential candidates is no joke.

Each of these politicians comes with enough experience, patriotism, and popular support to be taken seriously for the 2008 contest. Yet polls show a number of Americans still hold some prejudice against them simply for their sex, race, or religion.

Yahoo News

Yahoo News brings up an interesting article about American voters and who they say should be the president. They endorse the spirit of our very own constitution, which states that there should be no religious test for public office. The following is part of the article from Yahoo News.

This is not an endorsement of Romney - we leave it to the voters to decide whether he deserves to be president. Rather, we endorse the spirit of Article VI in the Constitution, which states that there should be no religious test for public office.

Kennedy captured that spirit well in 1960 when he said: "While this year it may be a Catholic against whom the finger of suspicion is pointed, in other years it has been - and may someday be again - a Jew, or a Quaker, or a Unitarian, or a Baptist."

For latest info, feel free to tap into the Mitt Romney Exploratory Committee which has released several new excerpt videos of his address in Israel today at or visit a blog in support of Romney for the GOP Primary Nomination at Reason 4 Romney-Blog

---As a side note, the President of the United States of America will address the nation in his "State of the Union Address" tonight. As one is sure, President Bush will respond to the Iraq situation and proposals in the future of the rebuilding of Iraq but also our issues we face here at home in the United States of America.
-----May "God Bless America" -As the song entitles.----


Pass Me DeMints Please! :-)

South Carolina's Senior Senator DeMint endorsed Mitt Romney for the 2008 South Carolina Republican party. He officially joined on with the Mitt Romney campaign as a Senior Advisor.

To listen to DeMint’s interview on the Ralph Bristol radio show explaining his endorsement, click here.

Here is something to think about for Montana conservatives in politics regarding Mitt Romneys abilities and what some people think about his chances I've posted part of it below. From the final results of his $7 million dollar one-day fundraiser, it will be interesting to see him through the primaries of which their is a new primary debate coming up in April in New Hampshire. It will be hosted by CNN and WMUR.

John R Says:
January 13th, 2007 at 10:15 am
LJ, I have witnessed two Romney campaigns here in Mass. and this guys problem is not electability. He is brilliant in debates, is a great communicator on the campaign trail, and his opponent’s attacks just don't stick because any honest observer realizes Romney is such a decent man. There are about ten conservatives in Mass. but Romney won with well over 50% of the vote. He reminds me of Reagan in so many ways - a sense of humor which he never loses, one of the better speech-givers out there, he even kinda looks like Ronny. Even when he began to campaign for pres. here in Mass. his approval rating stayed above 40%. Polls are significant at this stage, but I would not go overboard on a guy who is unknown and is probably known as the Mormon guy to those who do not live in New England or are political buffs. You ask how he can win states trending blue when he won in Mass.! Sure, he was pro-choice at the time but everyone knew he was a conservative and voted for him anyway, it was unbelievable!

One who contributes to this site is a conservative by the name of HeavyM.
HeavyM is a 27 year old who hails from Wyoming, the second-most conservative state in the country based on recent Presidential election results. He became interested in politics during the 2000 election while in college and ended up sorting out his personal beliefs to the point where he voted for George W. Bush - and did the same more enthusiastically in 2004, though he is a lot less enamored with Bush now.

Dear Friends,

This morning, Evangelicals for Mitt has released two important documents responding to the misleading attacks against Governor Romney by MassResistance and others. We’re hoping to get this information posted on as many pro-Mitt blogs as possible TODAY. Here is the link to the information: EFM RELEASES TWO IMPORTANT DOCUMENTS

Please consider prominently posting this response on your blog as soon as you can so the truth about Mitt will be known!

Thanks so much,
Nathan Burd

Mitt TV is a new media idea and publicity for his election campaign in 2008. For articles and up-to-date news, stories and etc; check out the newly formed Mitt TV. It's impressive and there are some new stuff, videos, and fun stuff on this website. It's also one of many ways to get to know him a little better.

The day after Romney's fundraiser and there are too many articles to reference so here's one. Enjoy

Funds Flood in for Romney.

1/8/2007 ---- $6.5 Million Raised! -----
Today, Mitt Romney's Presidential Exploratory Committee raised $6.5 million dollars today in a record fundraiser completed by phone. The goal today was to reach $1 million (and tomorrow is expected to be the same, I think). Can you feel the excitement? I hope so. I don't have much time but wanted to post this for all to know where to go for the excitement. There are a lot of new technology ideas for this upcoming presidential election in 08' and these are but a few of what he has to offer along with telethons, live blogging, Internet Mitt TV programing, and it's open to those who want to attend. I'm told a documentary movie will come out in the future as well. Feel free to check out My Man Mitt internet site for the latest on the live blogging and updates for the fundraising so far. Here in Montana, the name is catching and send me any links, articles, and emails regarding Montana and Mitt.
Here is a link to contribute to his campaign.

Let's contribute and help him and his Committee reach their goal of $100 Million. Go MITT!

Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney has formed an Exploratory Committee and website. Feel free to visit it at and contribute.

Today, Governor Mitt Romney filed papers for his expected presidental run and we are encouraged to see that initial process moving forward. The following are some links to news sources about his papers that were filed. There's lots to look forward to in the future. We'll see how things pan out. Once again and lastly, those who support Mitt Romney from Montana can help with this website. Just let me know or if your interested in recieving Montana news for Mitt, send me your email address and I'll add it to the email list. Send it to Enjoy the links below.

Washington Post article on forming an exploratory committee .
CBS News on papers filling .

This is why conservatives should support Mitt Romney. He went through the correct legislation to move the ban on Marriage in Massachusetts forward and stood up for traditional values. Although it's up to the legislators to vote, it's important to note that he reminded them of their responsibility in dealing with issues of the people. New York Times article of Mass. vote on gay marriage ban.


Some past articles that might be of interest. Two in Montana.

Some Year End thoughts of Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney On The Blogs And New Media

Interview with Mitt Romney on Human Events

Romney Set for Presidential Announcement

Will Christians back a Mormon Candidate?

These are the only one's I found in a limited time in Montana so if you have an article or website that is recent that is also respectful, noteworthy, or in favor of Romney, send them to me for I won't have time to be looking in all the sites. Also, if you would like to jump online and help in this website, let me know.
Thanks, Take care

Brace yourself for the worst is still to come. Here's an example.
Dear Mitt Romney Supporters/Bloggers,

I'm sure you are all aware of MassResistance, the group that recently distributed a "report" entitled "The Mitt Romney Deception." The purpose of their report is to discourage conservative voters from supporting Governor Romney's expected presidential campaign and, needless to say, it is filled with distortions. It deals primarily with the issues of abortion and gay rights/marriage. It has been distributed widely among conservative circles and has even generated media attention.

On January 2, Evangelicals for Mitt will post a detailed response to MassResistance that will set the record straight. We're hoping that all of the "for Mitt/for Romney" blogs and websites will feature a prominent link to the post and publicize the response as much as possible. Will you help us spread the word and defend Governor Romney from these misleading attacks?

Thanks, Americans for Mitt

****Inserted Note and Link: MITT ROMNEY "CHOSE" GAY MARRIAGE? The author David French is qualified to write this piece for Evangelicals for Mitt.

12/26/2006-Night After Christmas

Twas the night after Christmas and all through the house, not a child was crying, you could have heard a mouse! With holiday cheer and a future New Year, makes me think of Mitt and what Montanans will get. With Rudolph eyeing his past and McCain trying not to crash, makes Romney's critics frown, and try to bring him down. With nothing to lose, from work to personality, brings his mormon faith into modern reality. So off to the races, and out the gate, "Who will be Montana's Pick in 2008?"

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and may the next year be as exciting and challenging as this last year, but in regards to Our Man Mitt; No matter what, there's a future ahead.

It is this time of season that we take a moment to reflect, analyze and look to the future. That is what Mitt is doing this season (as well as spending time with family) as well as contemplating his contribution to the future of our country and world. For that, my friends, is a noble way to think! May we all take that example and learn. Doing good presently for a future tomorrow, will make us feel better when we look to the past. Let's give him the support he needs in making this country and state of Montana a better place!

Our very own “Montana’s For Mitt Romney-Website” has been nationally linked to over the holidays; recognized, quoted, and referenced by other national websites that are in support for Mitt Romney. One of the articles was even referenced in a 12/22/06 posting about a “New Montana Website” at . This is considered the number one website for Romney supporters in that Mitt Romney’s wife founded the site. The other one was in an email regarding the website from “Americans for Mitt” which recognized the site as a grassroots appearance.

I posted over a week ago about referencing other Montana websites who talk and reference Mitt Romney and his expected presidential run. It has been brought to my attention of an article regarding Who will be Montana’s Pick in 2008? which sparked the idea of the previous poem.

It’s at this time that I think it’s appropriate to ask for those who would like to start posting material on this website and referencing articles about mitt in Montana and surrounding areas. If you are a strong supporter of Romney and would like to add postings to this website, email

I will continue to post what I can but invite others to help in this project and cause for I am busy attending school fulltime and my time is very limited even though I like supporting Romney for America's President in 2008.

Until then, continue to tap into the main blogs/webpages in my initial posting. Take Care,


I've wondered in the past how a republican like Romney has been able to get elected in a very liberal state like Massachusetts. I'm impressed by what he has done and the manner in which he carries himself. Another thing that has come to my attention is the fact that he was able to pass a bill into law requiring all citizens in his state to have health insurance. I wonder if that is possible in Montana. What do you think?

However, I'm optimistic that the name Mitt Romney will be reaching the news in Montana since over the last couple of months I've seen him in the news, on tv, and read about his potential. It has recently been announced that a rumor about a date of announcing his candidacy will be January 8, 2007! If and when he announces this, I'll definitely put it on the webpage. In addition, it has been highly mentioned by well known names in broadcasting programs that Mitt is the "Alternate to John McCain". Only time will tell so be watching for news articles and anything from Montana that would be relevant. If and when that is the case, please let me know so that I can start referencing articles and linking to these articles that are being generated out of the Big Sky Country of Montana. Until then, continue to tap into these websites which are very active and up-to-date on the most current events. Elect Romney for President in 2008 Blog.
Americans for Mitt


Montana is not known for major national politics but as some say, "What comes easily, will go just as easily". I don't think this is the case for Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney who seems to be gaining speed in the public eye for a number of reasons for a potential 2008 White House Run.

I've read recently in the last couple of months about Governor Romney and the knit-picky things that are being published about this guy. In fact, I've come to realize that a number of the articles have stooped so low to start targeting him "below the belt" as they might say. I've got two thoughts that come to my mind in regards to these articles:

1. It sure must be a slow day in regards to publishing!!! OR
2. The 2008 elections are that important that these things are coming out 2 years before the elections. Either way, because of this guy's charisma, work ethic, and activity along with the misfortune of others; he has come into the national spotlight more easily than anyone else.

Although he is surfacing quickly in the national spotlight; his depth and name recognition are because of what he has done in the past starting from scratch and making it big over time and business mentality. In fact, at this point for Romney in gaining any national recognition, I would venture out on a limb to say that he's just pleased to be having articles generated about him at this point, especially since at this time he hasn't even declared his run for the white house!

So as to Montana, will anyone in the Big Sky Country be picking up on this family man and write an article about him for starters? I have a "hunch" he's not going anywhere even though he has surfaced quickly and continues to hit the national stage with name recognition.

9/08/2006-***Initial Posting***
I invite you to join with me in my efforts to encourage Mitt Romney (Gov. of Massachusetts) to declare his candidacy (hopefully in January of 2007) for President of the United States in 2008. The Commonwealth PAC is an organization that is prepared to support him in addition to Feel free to read more on either website and contribute as neccessary. I feel his greatest challenge will be getting through the primaries and getting his name out there among individuals. I'm impressed by what he has done previously, presently, and his vision in the future of our country and abroad. I've seen this man in action, whether in the U.S. 2002 Winter Olympics, as Govenor of Massachusetts, as a family man, business man, man of faith, and leader; I feel he will be the best man for the job. I invite you to be active in the organizations in your own localities by signing up for emails, volunteering, contributing, sharing with others, or just showing support when he comes near your own cities.

Remember, this position is an elected position and nothing will get accomplished unless we as the citizens of the United States are actively engaged and support those whom we decide to support while moving forward in our own lives. Although I'm very busy in school right now, I had fun starting this webpage that could inform the masses about where to go for Republican issues and support Mitt for American President in 2008. If there's enough interest, I'd like to start a blog but that won't happen until I get time (probably never), so until then tap into the others right now. Cheers

Oh, according to my sources, this is what impresses me most about this guy, "Speaking of money, it should be noted that Romney has served as governor without taking a salary to encourage the spirit of volunteerism and out of his desire to give something back."

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OK, if you've got time, the following is one of the longest articles I think I've ever read by a reporter (believe me, it's 5 internet pages long). It says it all and has so much info I didn't know about this guy. It's entitled "The Holy Cow Candidate" (written in September 2005).

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