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Mitt Romney
This webpage is designated for all supporters of Mitt Romney in the Big Sky Country of Montana.

Please join me in welcoming Ann Romney's website and her family at you see Romney on the last debate???? Check out the results at Mitt Romney's Website ............ Romney named the Montana Romney leadership committee.......... Mitt Romney Raised $23 Million dollars for the Primary election, just 3 million under Clinton. Wow!!!!!!!! .....for up-to-date current events and status, visit Mitt Romney's Website ....... To contribute, click here ......Daily sources to visit are My Man Mitt ,...... Evangelicals For Mitt ,..... Americans For Mitt ,...AND.... Elect Mitt Romney in 2008-blog ......... Former Governor Mitt Romney joined Facebook, if you haven't Registered yet, sign into Governor Romney's Official facebook profile and add him to your friends!!!!.......Go Mitt Go!!!!!!!!

Feel free to view the initial post on 9/08/2006 for this webpage!

9/08/2006-***Initial Posting***

I invite you to join with me in my efforts to encourage Mitt Romney (Gov. of Massachusetts) to declare his candidacy (hopefully in January of 2007) for President of the United States in 2008. The Commonwealth PAC is an organization that is prepared to support him in addition to Feel free to read more on either website and contribute as neccessary. I feel his greatest challenge will be getting through the primaries and getting his name out there among individuals. I'm impressed by what he has done previously, presently, and his vision in the future of our country and abroad. I've seen this man in action, whether in the U.S. 2002 Winter Olympics, as Govenor of Massachusetts, as a family man, business man, man of faith, and leader; I feel he will be the best man for the job. I invite you to be active in the organizations in your own localities by signing up for emails, volunteering, contributing, sharing with others, or just showing support when he comes near your own cities.

Remember, this position is an elected position and nothing will get accomplished unless we as the citizens of the United States are actively engaged and support those whom we decide to support while moving forward in our own lives. Although I'm very busy in school right now, I had fun starting this webpage that could inform the masses about where to go for Republican issues and support Mitt for American President in 2008. If there's enough interest, I'd like to start a blog but that won't happen until I get time (probably never), so until then tap into the others right now. Cheers

Oh, according to my sources, this is what impresses me most about this guy, "Speaking of money, it should be noted that Romney has served as governor without taking a salary to encourage the spirit of volunteerism and out of his desire to give something back."

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OK, if you've got time, the following is one of the longest articles I think I've ever read by a reporter (believe me, it's 5 internet pages long). It says it all and has so much info I didn't know about this guy. It's entitled "The Holy Cow Candidate" (written in September 2005).

Powerpoint about Mitt

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MR08's Exploratory Committee
Mitt TV - New

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