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Mitt Romney
This webpage is designated for all supporters of Mitt Romney in the Big Sky Country of Montana.

Romney wins Michigan and Wyoming primaries.......2 golds and 2 Silvers makes Mitt in the top tier at this point........... Romney named the Montana Romney leadership committee.......... Mitt Romney Raised $23 Million dollars for the Primary election, just 3 million under Clinton. Wow!!!!!!!! .....for up-to-date current events and status, visit Mitt Romney's Website ....... To contribute, click here ......Daily sources to visit are My Man Mitt ,...... Evangelicals For Mitt ,..... Americans For Mitt ,...AND.... Elect Mitt Romney in 2008-blog ......... Former Governor Mitt Romney joined Facebook, if you haven't Registered yet, sign into Governor Romney's Official facebook profile and add him to your friends!!!!.......Go Mitt Go!!!!!!!!

Feel free to view the initial post on 9/08/2006 for this webpage!

January 21, 2008- What the MSM doesn't want to tell you!

Hi Everybody,

Wow, It as been an action packed couple weeks in the national presidential campaingns! The race still remains wide open at this point; However, it is starting to look like a McCain vs. Romney race with potential wild-cards of Giuliani and Huckabee. Mitt delivered in a big way in Michigan and Nevada while McCain built on his New Hampshire win with a narrow victory in South Carolina. The dust hasn't settled yet, but here's an overview of where things stand (much of which the MSM will not tell you):

Romney remains the leader in terms of # of delegates won, # votes received, # of wins, and resources at his disposal
Delegates: Romney 72, McCain 38, Huckabee 29 (click here ) # of votes received: Romney 537,070 (32%), McCain 513,131 (30%), Huckabee 339,801 (20%) ( click here) # of wins: Romney won 3 (Michigan, Nevada, Wyoming) and came in 2nd in 2 ( Iowa, New Hampshire); McCain won 2 ( New Hampshire, South Carolina) and came in 2nd in 1 ( Michigan); Huckabee won 1 (Iowa) and came in 2nd in 1 ( South Carolina)

Resources: Romney has out raised all other Republicans and has put in millions of his own money

Exit polling data from IA, NH, and MI shows that while McCain and Huckabee victories have been based on strong niches peculiar to particular states (Independents for McCain, Evangelicals for Huckabee), Mitt has the broadest support across all segments
Among Evangelicals, Mitt is tied with Huckabee capturing 31% of the vote
Among non-Evangelicals, Mitt received 38% of the vote (vs. 33% for McCain); Huckabee received a dismal 8% for 4th place behind Ron Paul! In Michigan, Mitt pulled out a major come-from-behind win and spanked John McCain by 9% despite his 2000 victory and the strong history of Independent and even Democrat cross-over voting. The MSM is dismissing this win, however, calling it Mitt's "homestate" and based on his father having been a 3 term governor in the face of facts like. Mitt has not lived in Michigan for over 40 years since he left home for college.
Mitt narrowly lost to McCain among voters age 60 or older (38% vs. McCain's 39%)...these are the only people who would have had any memory/awareness of George Romney's history in the state; in fact, Mitt's margin of victory was strongest among voters between age 30-64!
Mitt beat McCain by 14% among Republicans and 18% among Conservatives! (McCain won among Indies and Democrats...surprise)
Mitt won despite only 1% of voters being Mormon (shock!!)
Unrelated, but interesting, Mitt beat Huckabee among Evangelicals (34% vs. 29%)...clearly not all Evangelicals are convinced by Huck's cynical use of religion in his campaign

In Nevada, the MSM has been downplaying Mitt's massive victory (51% vs. 14% for Ron Paul and 13% for McCain!) by calling it "uncontested" and just based on the Mormon vote, but consider these facts that they hope you don't notice )

First, the reason why it was "uncontested" is that the other guys didn't think they stood a chance against Mitt. Only in the MSM can you be penalized for winning by "too big" of a margin.

Even if all the Mormons who voted for Mitt stayed home, he still would have won by 12% points!

Mitt beat Huckabee among Evangelicals by 17% points! Mitt won among Latinos by 17% points over McCain (just a coincidence that the margin is again 17%)
Mitt won 55% of the Female vote (vs. 12% for the next highest contender, McCain)
McCain lost to Ron Paul!

Now, South Carolina was not that great, but it was a strategic decision by the campaign to manage expectations down for a state that they weren't going to win. Romney had been buffetted by Huckabee push polling and "mysterious" dirty tricks like bogus holiday cards from the "Romney family" quoting the Book of Mormon , and after the disappointments in Iowa and New Hampshire, the Romney camp realized that they were no longer in contention for either first or second place.

Given that scenario, they decided to hit Nevada out of the ball park (which they did) and let Huck, McCain, and Fred duke it out in SC while Mitt conserved resources for Florida.

Which brings us to today. Bottom line is that Mitt needs our help, and our votes are actually going to matter this year given how wide open this race is.

Here is how you can help:

Sign up to volunteer. This is not a firm committment to any particular activity, but you will be in the loop on opportunities such as the Call At Home program. If you live in the Billings Area or other parts of Montana, and are able to help out, let me know as I am involved and can get you the right contacts.
Put a bumper sticker on your car or a yard sign in front of your house (let me know if you'd like me to send you a bumper sticker, or if you're in the Billings area if you'd like a yard sign). The "bandwagon" effect is real...people notice when they see the candidate's name all over the place and it makes a difference.

Make a donation to the campaign. We are now coming into the phase where this becomes a truly national campaign. With our help, if need be, Mitt can outlast the other candidates and take the fight all the way to the convention. I have been giving additional donations with each victory. Even small amounts make a big difference!

Some of you may support Mitt, but haven't done anything to help yet. Others might still be weighing your options. Now is the time get on board, roll up your sleeves, and help get Mitt the nomination . Conventional wisdom says that John McCain is the front runner and it's between him and Romney now. Most of you know that I am not a fan of John McCain. Even worse than McCain himself is all the speculation that he would put Huckabee on the ticket...their alliance against Romney is clear. The prospect of a McCain/Huckabee ticket scares me to death. If you want to stop McCain/Huckabee, please talk to others, volunteer, or donate...or we'll have nobody but ourselves to blame.

As always, thank you for your interest and support. If you have any questions, please let me know, and please feel free to forward this webpage on to friends and family who you think might be interested in Mitt.

Here's a good example!

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